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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


Say the opposite what you think. Profit.


@Mercenary elaborate which of squids posts on my scumtells you think applies here


The one where I asked for your scum AI in Infection 3


with a quote


I’m in a cellphone :frowning:


so what did that post say


That you called for people to sheep you without saying reasons to, in hope they would.


Sure, but not.

5 people are needed in core to win this game.
Twi, 2 newbies, you, me.

Maximus can die.

We are not needing more people.


Maximus dies last for PoE


if you can agree to that i’ll let you pick the lynch among Merc Ici and Dat


Did anyone tell Amber of the changes on cop claiming?


I won’t vote for maxi when i’m almost certain he’s town




i also plan on pinging her just before EoD so she doesn’t forget to check


@eevee by this i mean he dies last of the people outside of that 5 man core


I may or may not be required to replace for integrity btw
Won’t explain here but to host if you guys feel as if it is needed


not last in game




“won’t explain here”


we don’t need details but what is the nature of the integrity breach