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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


@cloudieamber @michelle @Mercenary @eevee @MaximusPrime @Twil1ight
Vote Datbird
i have solved




This game is literal amusment park.


Remind some of Squids post on your scum AI


Did they said one time they weren’t?


Squid’s scumreading ability is about the equivalent of a two year old’s ability to read classic novels




Could you like stop offending others to defend yourself.


Hey Marl, join Music Mash on MU.

I’m hosting it.


oh fack


I don’t like how you are also pushing on a lurker
To bring attention away when you were defending fiercely that Eevee was ninja a time before.


i’m not going to stop calling people who are wrong wrong


this is a 9 player setup
there’s no room for lurking here


Wait @Marluxion who did you say could never pretend that good that they died?


What would you say if we replace you in town core with Maximus?


also from interactions thusfar i’ve determined the exact scum team to be datbird + ici
unless the mafia have exactly a ninja and then it can be eevee + datbird or eevee + ici
in either situation town likely wins


My scumreading ability is equivilant to a pretentious classmate totally misunderstanding An Inspector Calls as a defense of capitalism.


Maximus, yes
I think he is town

We add him to the core, not replace me


We neither need nor want you both.


You both need and want us both
It speeds up PoE insanely
this is my town, i call the shots here