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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


I didn’t say the no lynch plan.

I meant getting cop one more night, so they can check someone and get them to towncore instead of most risky member.


watcher existing means we trade 1 for 1 if they go for cop
otherwise he gets that night anyway


Like what situation would you be in if that happened?
One VT dies, town-read, but still not 100%, while cop gets a new, checked one in that place and is still alive.

That’s how you remove the uncertanity.


unless they have a ninja
and if they do have a ninja my vote is going on you and never moving


I see their point
Maybe it was also to bait the true cop out if it was one of the newbies


This happening would have been great
but it never happens if you are mafia


Why do you think I tried to get a kill on myself in the first place?

Cause as an uncertanity I know how to remove it, while get someone more confirmed then me in my spot at the first place.


see if majority were removed and we lynched maximus
and you are town
this game ends so easily in favor of town


this also applies as mafia
the pseudoclaim can be done for credit
and with this you can get a free kill on amber


I’m not, and that was my plan for tonight to begin with.
Yours was outing all PRs and hope for the best.


but if you’re mafia then amber doesn’t matter anyway because you would have chosen ninja


We still almost certainly win here


You are missing one thing.

When I softclaimed I had no idea what Amber is.


that’s true
either way
the plan is ruined once amber outed herself and tw1 counterclaimed


Wait did Amber claim and Twi counterclaim?


twi counterclaimed eevee


No, Twilight claimed cop to be saved from lynch.



/vote Datbird


DatBird + Icibalus
my final answer


Ok so
If you are really cop Twi is almost guaranteed my scum
If you are FPSing then you could still be town.
/Vote Twi