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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


check him tonight if you dont believe me


Post 472

My soft, post 476


post 467

Post 454

You can’t tell me you was townreading me only AFTER the cop softclaim.


sigh I’m really not feeling it today, sorry for the copout.
I promise not to slank tommorow,


datbird or merc
who would you rather lynch


@BlueStorm can we have majority starting tomorrow


I dislike that PRs outed themselves, but I also dislike that Marl is trying to build different timeline then reality and now ignore it, lul.


@Marluxion get here and clarify stuff.


my votes not on you is it


I think Merc’s in a wolfier posiition to be honest.
The fact that this post happened to be posted right after somebody who we now know to be 100% village (tw1light) posted their marl case dosen’t make them look good.


It looks to me like Merc was being opportunistic.


i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt unless we learn mafia have exactly a ninja


the instant we learn they do or dont have a ninja i will be set on what alignment i think you are


That’s not the point.
Not vote itself.

You considered me part of core, yet after returning to earlier situation you do 180 degree turn.
Explain it.


i just did as you were typing this




it’s the logic i had going into d1


I mean if you had problems with town core, why did you want to out a cop in the first place, isnetad of doing stuff like I did?

Covering cop while giving them time to get some more checks to enforce towncore.


because amber revealing as pr means the plan can’t work at all


meaning we have to lynch today