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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


yes he did


this is the equivalent of a hard claim



why did you think eevee wasn’t the cop

Accused Voter Votes
Icibalus Twi 1
Twil1ight Marl, Maxi, cloudie 3
MaximusPrime Merc, eevee 2

6 hours remain in the day.


no because stuff is confusing and idk who to vote


so essentially
the plan is the same
except every instance of the word ‘eevee’ in the plan, we swap with the word ‘twilight’

therefore today’s lynch is

/vote Eevee


@MaximusPrime @cloudieamber unvote Twilight and Vote eevee


I’m even more amused.


Let me settle things up.

@eevee We don’t have time for any potential TvT / TvS etc shenanigans, it would be a difference if it would happen in situation, when the hammer will be on me for at least start of the day. Then it may reasonable to soft my claim.

Denied. There is two people that are on table today: Max and Ici. Noone else.
/vote MaximusPrime


I think Maximus thinking he had died was real though


I mean, it’s still fine, in theory it’s 5 people in core.


I wanted cop being in cover to check Marl just “in case”.
Theory is fun, but better be safe then sorry when it comes to core clears.


so it’s either
merc + datbird
merc + ici
datbird + ici
eevee + merc
eevee + datbird
eevee + ici
i think at least


Oh, so you wanted me in core when you asked if any other person is cop, now you want to lynch me.

Marl… you what.


i only wasn’t suspecting you because you were the cop


No, you wanted me in core BEFORE I started softing cop.


that’s the main reason at least


Why did you ask who is cop to begin with?

To have 5th person cleared.


ok let’s lynch merc then

/vote Mercenary


Expect he always says something overly dramatic when he’s close to be lynched as any alignment. :roll_eyes:


no i dont think he could fake that
i’m almost certain he thought it was majority twi