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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)


Swap to twilight for certain though, I think Max is town

Accused Voter Votes
Icibalus Twi 1
Twil1ight Ici, Marl 2
MaximusPrime cloudie, michelle, Merc, eevee 4

Someone save me I can’t sleep


/vote Twi


Yeah, max, you didn’t die.


yeah, i read


So you kinda Accidently claimed to us and we needed both you and twilight gone, as said by Eevee, so… huh.

/vote Twilight




Eevee can check you tonight.Nothing to fear.
If you come up green and and tw1 flips green, we know the 2 mafia are within datbird / ici / merc

Accused Voter Votes
Icibalus Twi 1
Twil1ight Ici, Marl, Maxi, cloudie 4
MaximusPrime michelle, Merc, eevee 3


/unvote maxi
i’ll stay no lynch for now.


We have to lynch today
it’s gotta be twilight essentially


us no lynching is one of the only ways we can lose


i’m not sure. it’s still day 1.


Great, i was gone for like couple of hours it seems like there is a train for some trivial reasons.

I have bad news for Town.

I’m hardclaiming Town Cop and so @eevee isn’t the actual Cop.

@Marluxion @cloudieamber @Icibalus @MaximusPrime Good fuckin’ job. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Now i request a Watcher on me and better hope there is no Ninja otherwise i’m guaranteed to die Night 1. :roll_eyes:


this is why i stay no lynch haha



The joke is that eevee never claimed.


Notice there was never a direct claim. We are talking about eevee here, after all.


By the way, the arguments DO make sense from the perspective of seer with extra info trying to soft that eevee isn’t.

Conclusion: i’m still bad


That’s the difference betwen claiming cop and behaving like a cop.



I mean @Twil1ight that was shit decision as little soft to me would make me shift all wagon for bullshit reasons.
I am able to do stuff like that easily and I was on lookout for cop softs to begin with.

You could have been under my cover, sincee after 2 checks it would be absolutely locked game, even if Marl is mafia.
Now we don’t have such comodity.

So all in all claiming here was stupid.