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[FM] Scales Of Justice (Rerolling in a new thread)




How many more votes on Maxi do we need? @BlueStorm


I mean it’s obvious cause they went into doubtcasting way instead of one which they should.
One of them directly ccing the PR and also killing the second PR.

Sure, they lose 1 person, but can get it to playable level if wrong person is lynched.

Now it’s pretty much a lock.


@MaximusPrime eh? what the hell is AtE?


@Marluxion what if newbies are not newbies and are trolling us by pretending they slipped?



Brb, searching eevee picture in tinfoil hat.



Close enough


Now convince Firekatto that Glaceon is Christmas Litten


Am I to take this as a vote against MaximusPrime?


Are they singing Witcher 3 battlethemes


bye i’m dead i was cit

you guys are stupid af

i bet both scum voted me tho tbh unless one of you guys are a pr


Both PRs voted you, lol.


Counting it as a vote unless eevee says otherwise.

Accused Voter Votes
Icibalus Twi 1
Twil1ight Ici, eevee 2
MaximusPrime Marl, cloudie, michelle, Merc, eevee 5


So basicly you are waiting for me to confirm if it was hammer or not?


Wait… so basicly you count this as a vote till I say otherwise.
Can I make decision if I say otherwise after I see the flip?

I mean if you count it as vote till then… then it’s mayority and you flip them.


Yeah, you go right ahead and hammer in this plurality lynch.



Fuuuuu, I thought only role election was plurality.


And I had so good idea with chosing if to unvote after seing flip :^)


/vote Twilight
Maximus thought that he died


Twi + _____
Merc or ici likely fit in that blank


Could also be Datbird