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[FM] Scales of Justice: Reroll Edition (Disgusting Town Victory)




Reroll because the blacklisted player breached game integrity in a discord.


i’m not acting smart just copying bluestorms quote owo




/confirm i guess


@eevee ?






@Marcus_Doodalee @Luxy Wanna sub in for eevee?




That makes 9!

Rolling will be complete after I finish work.

…In about 8 1/2 hours


Rolling has begun.

Please confirm your role once you recieve it

- That Co-Host that has already said more messages in this thread than the last one.


All Class Cards have been distributed.

Pregame has started and will conclude when the Mafia have chosen their Power Role (and everyone has confirmed).


@BlueStorm @WazzaAzza

Add me to maf chat.


damn it almost jumpscared me




Still waiting on 3 people to confirm in their class cards.

I will begin D0 regardless of confirmations at 6PM GMT and ping those that haven’t confirmed, if they do not act at the end of D0 they will be replaced.


BlueStorm has not started the game.

I have begun D0. Please start discussing.


Ping for @michelle

If you do not respond in the thread in 24 hours, you will be replaced.

Power Role Voter Votes
Cop 0
Tracker 0
Watcher 0
Roleblocker 0
Doctor Luxy 1