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[FM] Scales of Justice: Reroll Edition (Disgusting Town Victory)


:balance_scale: Welcome to Scales Of Justice: Reroll Edition! :balance_scale:

Hosted by BlueStorm
Co-hosted by WazzaAzza


  1. All standard forum rules apply, as usual.
  2. Do not communicate about the game outside the game, and don’t angleshoot.
  3. Please be respectful to your fellow players. Keep your salt in until post-game.
  4. Don’t post in big text or otherwise pretend to be a host of this game.
  5. Have fun.
Yes I did just copy that from Ici’s Kids With Guns, sue me


Days will be 2 IRL days long, or shorter if someone dies
Nights will be 1 IRL day long
Actions are done by submitting them through your class card or Mafia chat
Mafia chat is day/night
Lynches are majority and plurality

Pregame/Day 0

During the Pregame, the Mafia select one of the following roles to replace a random Goon’s:

  • Mafia Strongman: Submitting the factional kill through this player means that nothing can prevent the target’s death.
  • Mafia Godfather: If investigated by a cop, this player will be revealed as Town-aligned.
  • Mafia Ninja: This player cannot be tracked or watched when submitting the factional kill.

Then, during Day 0, via plurality vote, all players choose which of the following roles replace two random Townies’:

  • Cop: At night, you may learn the alignment of a player you select.
  • Tracker: At night, you may select a player. You will learn the name of the player that person targeted with an ability (if any).
  • Watcher: At night, you may select a player. You will learn the name(s) of the player(s) who targeted that person with an ability (if any).
  • Roleblocker: At night, you may disable all the active abilities of a player of your choice.
  • Doctor: At night, you may choose a player to protect from the Mafia’s night kill. They are guaranteed to live through the night unless a Mafia Strongman submitted the kill on them.

Day 0 will last 24 hours instead of the usual 48.

During Night 0, new roles are distributed as necessary and play proceeds as normal.

The game is a Daystart and no actions can be submitted on the first Night (Night 0).


There are none. Deal with it :sunglasses:


Mafia Goon -> Mafia Strongman/Godfather/Ninja
Mafia Goon

Vanilla Townie -> Town Cop/Tracker/Watcher/Roleblocker/Doctor
Vanilla Townie -> Town Cop/Tracker/Watcher/Roleblocker/Doctor
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie


Feedback is limited
Town Cop will receive no feedback if they were roleblocked
Tracker/Watcher will receive no feedback if they were roleblocked OR if their target didn’t visit or have any visitors respectively
Roleblockers and Doctors will receive no feedback
Mafia will not receive feedback if their kill was stopped by a Roleblocker or a Doctor

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


  1. Marluxion - LYNCHED D2 Mafia Godfather
  2. DatBird - Alive
  3. Geyde - Alive
  4. Mercenary - Alive
  5. Meteoro - LYNCHED D1 Vanilla Townie
  6. michelle Marcus_Doodalee - Alive
  7. cloudieamber - Alive
  8. Luxy - Alive
  9. PoisonedSquid - KILLED N1 Town Doctor



  1. eevee


  1. MaximusPrime






I’ll only confirm if you add majority voting


A couple of changes have been made, most notably that lynches are now majority vote as well as plurality.

Day 0 will also last 24 hours instead of 48.

Once everyone has /confirmed I will begin rolling slots.




Good changes




Hope I get maf this time so I can redeem myself for my subout


Why did you sub out


I already said it


That question was answered in the other thread, which you can lock now.


I can assure you that there will be no chance of me subbing out of this game


For anyone that may be wondering why there is a new thread, please see my announcement regarding the previous game state in the last thread (post 802).


Sorry folks, I don’t feel good enough about this game to try it again.



@Meteoro You good to sub in for Ici?


Also previous backups @Firekitten @orangeandblack5 are also free to sign up again as either backups or players, should Meteoro not respond




I would like to take of private business first before commiting into another game.

So no, although i hope @michelle @cloudieamber would stick around for reroll. :^)

Have fun, kiddos.


@Marcus_Doodalee pls join