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[FM] Scales of Justice: Reroll Edition (Day 2 7/9)




Sticks head
Can I join plz?




Course ya can :slight_smile:




Also 2 derpclears was very bad for a 9er


Scum should choose GF then fake a derpclear or no balls


I have no balls already sir


this is how you derpclear 101



Unrelated comment but I have found that I have an optimal game length for enjoyment and it is under 20 and over 7


100% full tryhard mode this game will have likely 500+ posts

Now that my stretch goal is set, I’ll probably hit about 200.


@Mercenary you haven’t confirmed yet


Yeah they have



I was looking at op

and got confused when merc’s slot was still in the unconfirmed (?) state


1273 down the Rockefeller street



ew. thats a generic take on the meme.


You are so lucky I cannot figure out how to send this video I just took.


I’ll have to improvise, TAKE THIS. HAHA!


Why reroll