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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!



so we going with insults now huh

how about this

this game is exactly why i want to fucking quit


no that’s cherrypicking


no it isn’t


A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent


my entire argument is that matchmaker is largely useless

they’re the ones who refuse to talk about that at all



In argumentation, the practice of “quote mining” is a form of cherry picking,[8] in which the debater selectively picks some quotes supporting a position (or exaggerating an opposing position) while ignoring those that moderate the original quote or put it into a different context. Cherry picking in debates is a large problem as the facts themselves are true but need to be put in context. Because research cannot be done live and is often untimely, cherry-picked facts or quotes usually stick in the public mainstream and, even when corrected, lead to widespread misrepresentation of groups targeted.


so you’re saying that matchmaker isn’t 90% useless hm?

lmao no


I blame fm


explain how i was attacking the straw man ok gtg be back no time soon

maybe when i forget about this stupid shit or when scp fm starts


at least you didn’t debated online as a 14yo with another 14yos and had to link a different fallacy every forum page


Sigh, let’s sort this catfight out.

No, I was setting base to my statement of “most mechanics have to actually not to have carrylike importance to the game” with an example.
You debate on the opposite, however you just keep saying that all rolemadness roles should be relevant without objectively saying why — when most rolemadness setups aren’t like that.

at worst you know if someone is communicating outside, which boths confirms the existence of a neighbourhood/cult and gives the sign that this person has more information and planning than others
at best you know that someone is ICed by someone else (masons)
I agree that Matchmaker would be considered useless in most setups, but this one was a gold mine.

In all ways one can’t justify not playing because their mechanical role was “boring”, even dodging the merit of whether it was boring or not, because one agrees to participate on the game whatever role they may receive. It does not helps that the setup was open.

We were debating two or even three points at the same time, on different periods of the discussion (usefulness of matchmaker + boringness of matchmaker + slanking).
When I commented in another one isolated, you said that I was giving up on the other two because of that. Instead of showing me how I was “already losing” and “not even trying to counter me now” you just shouted the two phrases as if they were omnems.





@firekitten but selectively quoting is also strawmanning if the person ends up attacking an invented/absurded notice by taking things out of context imo

so you rite




Straw man

You don’t build mans out of straws?


Oh, I see. Strawmon!


Is that a pokemon challenge?

I choose you, Ditto!


Ah, umm.

I choose you, Metapod!