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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


at least with maf tailor you are more likely to have an impact on the game rather than just hoping you get lucky on the non outers


anyway “not liking my role” is not an excuse to slank for an entire game


there were what, 1 or 2 cops?

2+ ppl in mason chats as well so /shrug

by your own logic you are essentially claiming that the match finder is game breaking when in fact it is not


1 weak cop, 1 naive cop


yeah, so basically nothing

does anyone know if weak cop die on checking tailored maf


nvmd I thought tailor was the flipchanger role

Yes, they do.


Raising the point again


For a rolemadness setup to work most roles have to be actually near-vanilla aka low-impact, even (and specially) when it is not random.


i already said that i did not have the time to focus on two games at once, and if you’re not even trying to counter my argument now(the matchfinder is partially luck based and their usefulness drastically decreases with every passing day). if you’re gonna use that tactic then you’ve already lost


The only person kind of justified to slank here was the Survivor.
And that’s why I’m never rolling Surv again because Surv is shit.


but like

it’s rolemadness

it’s in the name .-.


Sure no clue what that has to do with matchmaker tho


Then don’t sign up to the setup. Hold responsability to your matches.

Also stop attacking the straw man.


>hosts rolemadness
>"in order for it to be balanced most roles need to be or close to vanilla"
>say what now


Role madness is everyone is a PR

just add fruit vendors if you don’t want to deal with too much power


Maximus, go play a match of ToS or ToL
Everyone has PRs.
Almost no one holds carry-like importance to the game.


or add ita’s specialist/buffer/nerfer for mashes

  1. wdym by “attacking the straw man”
  2. i just want you to fucking acknowledge my point which you are BLATANTLY refusing to do
  3. how was i supposed to know that this wasn’t rolemadness and that a title game was coming up. to be frank, I’d rather play the title game than this
  4. again, using that argument again only means that you lost


In order for rolemadness to work some people have to hold low-power roles.
That’s why Ritual Mafia was special.


attacking the straw man is taking one part of the argument and defeating it and acting like you defeated the whole arugment