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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


cause people thought he was mafia who they wanted to be town




Wait they claimed Judas so when they got lynched and confirmed he turned town and everyone thought he is maf ?


No he claimed Judas who got confirmed as town from being “converted” by a lynch and not dying


in fact he was town who turned to mafia


It’s the other way around them he was Judas who claimed saulus


Judas Priest? headbanging intensifies


Coincidentally the name of my bastard priest in the GI thread


I made a Saulus priest as well


oh hey this is over now

how did hj win

sorry hj since i had no time for this, dunno why soul went afk, but yeah gg you did really well

maf roles were shit(except for hj but he was screwed if he somehow got bled), town kinda screwed themselves so we got lucky there although that apparently was supposed to be a feature i believe?

i don’t think it’s a very fun one

I’d rather have a non random rolemadness next time tbh

well, gj to hosts for letting maf win i guess lol (i have no clue what happened tbh)


The setup had a Masonizer and a Kidnapper
In no world Match Finder was shit


Town self destructs


that’s assuming they are found and didn’t die n1/n2 cause they’re confirmable, usually won’t be pushed on by the people they masonize, and generally out sooner or later so tbh it wasn’t all that good… kind of a toss up

finding the people that have been masonized is kinda pointless tbh, not always useful

and no clue what kidnapper does but yeah didn’t margaret out as kidnapper anyway

also that soul was afk and didn’t do anything which basically proves my point

so yeah overall they’re not that useful and just cause there’s a masonizer doesn’t mean that they’re automatically good. can they actually find shit? yes. will it change anything? not likely ubless it’s early


yeah this was unfun for town and maf i assume then


also i just want to point out that saying this is like saying “you’re a princess that can only use wisp and there’s an assassin so you’re not shit”


yes, the kill target

that’s why it’s a kill target

it’s not like mafia control the kills anyway


i don’t think you understand my point, not to mention that you ignored other parts of my argument

im saying that just cause a class can do something doesn’t automatically make them good

additionally, as i have fucming said before, their effectively falls off expotentially the longer the game goes on, as late game there could and likely will be more important people than “this dude who’s in a mason chat but we don’t know his class yet” like a cop for example


in a game where half the setup are basically vanilla that is not shit


I’d rather be a 2 shot maf tailor than that ngl


tailor in this setup is OP