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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


Also some roles appeared as others.





Town Alignment Cop can have any sanity.

And each of those sanities are just as likely to roll as the sane cop.



That doesn’t relate to the point you just made.


You can get clues to you sanity after seeing flips


I’m kind of done arguing here.
I don’t think this is going to get anywhere since I don’t like game mods lying to players and you think it is fine since the setup isn’t pulling a fast one.


I would remove all bastard roles from being able to be rolled in the setup.

That’s my feedback.


Remove neuts make setup 4 maf 12 town and allow town/maf roll third party roles


To do that you would have to ban recruiters / alignment changers.

Survivor would have to be vanilla.
Jester / Lyncher would be…

I don’t think you could make third party into town/maf roles that easily. It would have to be specifically done by the GM to preserve balance.


Also @Mercenary don’t have Judas-type roles

They hard break the setup when rolled.


This isn’t supposed to be balanced you can have 12 town hammerers and 3 maf dayvigs


There’s a line between rolemadness and GI turbo


Gi would be more fun if ppl didn’t make strictly unfun roles like mafia wich is outed Day 1 and cant do anything

Or town wich suicides N1


Also you can’t say that my roles are bad cuz they are the best


You reminded me I STILL need to make that suggestion thread with Eevee

He’ll make sure no roles that are too stupid are rolled.

(It’ll still probably be a little bit bastard though, such is the nature of GI, just not unfun)


Alright I’m going to have to disagree with you
In fact I’ll make a setup just to annoy people who rely on results


I don’t see the problem


Maybe you’ll stop being noob someday


Also run a setup with 4 uninformed millers


Judas is fine if you make it a lost wolf type of deal