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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


Are they informed of their sanity?


Isaac was not informed, no.

HOWEVER the classes are all listed in the OP and modifiers thereof are included as individual classes. If you suspect that someone might have a hidden modifier then you can assert as such.


There’s no way to know until it backfires.

And that’s the point.


Maf masonizer can be a thing since this is what classcard says


Masonry implies it being town.

It’s like making a mafia innocent child that can reveal as town.


Yes there is.


Just because you have a bunch of roles that do stuff, doesn’t mean you should forget the core principles of Forum Mafia.


That would mean role is unrollable for mafia


Like you shouldn’t lose due to mechanics that lie to you.




Maybe just don’t fully trust them and count them as addition to read they never should be a core of your read


Run Mountainous then.


If we are running roles, then those roles should actually do something.

If we run Mountainous, then it can all be about scumreading


Yes they add to your already existing read but don’t become their core


You’re making it very tempting for me to run a game with a cop and a framer.


Is the setup open


If so, then it should be fine


This setup was semi-open.

All the roles were there.

You can’t use that argument.


Farmer and godfather


I can.

The setup has over 100 roles.


It’s still open though