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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


nah hjas is just a pro


pro list:

  • hjasik

medium list:

  • squid


There is never a medium list


Are you sure about that?


I can’t believe you’ve done this bestie. @GamerPoke


Blame Magnus for annoying me




Mission Passed


you died and lost


I s’pose the name of the thread should be changed.


Gg i guess


Oh god imagone the guy thinking everyone dead was talking


Wut lol


He didn’t knew the game ended


Anyway guys
I need feedback on this


Don’t have roles that directly lie to players (such as Naive Cop, Mafia Masons)
It’s just really frustrating and skews the balance.

Uninformed millers are fine tho.

Otherwise this is mostly balanced. I’d just make sure there will never be more than 2 neuts at any time since they can just ruin the game balance if there is SK + Inq or something along those lines.


Game is about scumreading not confirming ppl with mechanics this just gives scum unpushable wall or situations where they can only bus


Mafia Masons is bastard
Cop sanities aren’t


Also NK can’t ruin game balance


I am only referring to when the moderator includes explicitly bastard roles.
It often reduces the enjoyment of the setup.

Having roles that can be on both sides for the most part is completely fine, but having roles that lie to players is not fun to play with or against.

Imagine uninformed Judas.