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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


I would not roll a mafia masonizer


Do you think Grande idea is the right game to start for that though? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also what was that neut kill in final 5 there was no talk about that


They couldn’t win anymore. Only you could visit and they needed 2 visitors to win.


Not in the slightest


But he still hangs there as kingmaker if not killed other way


The text is that some roles have “CAN ONLY BE MAF!!!” in their notes (Saboteur, Framer) when they could as well be town without being bastard


im a god at gl


Also should have been told about this


and that’s why he died


also funny fact

Siren could have visited hjaisk to redirect back to thenself, guessing they would have visited thenself and then killing thenself


Can I see dead chat


It’d be Eeveefied (AKA balanced to a degree)


I would either reroll mafia masonizer or make it so it can only target mafia


But your not dead yet

/Shoot Hjasik


A bullet is flyin’


/Block ?


The bullet was redirected to BlueStorm!

BlueStorm has died, he was the…

Moody Host

You are a host, with no affiliation.
Just be generally angsty.
You have already won.



Well… I guess I’m a dumbass