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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!


Town Cannoneer. Town Hammerer. Mafia Reflexive Doctor.




I think the second one would be my type of role
The first one you just get yourself lynched after 3 no kills


That’d be up to you. Mechanically, Merc would’ve rolled it as a Mafia Masonizer and you would have had to amend it.


Roles wich are negative utility does not lie to theirs owner.

Mafia masonizer would lie to recruited players via saying it’s masonry.

That’s a big difference.


Making a masonry have maf in it is textbook definition bastard.

It is worse than having cop sanities.


Doctor sanities


Tho I agree cop sanity being there was as well lying as mafia masonizer, tho I would still not take it.




When you voted me at the start of d3?
You didn’t have any push behind your read, so it sputtered out p quickly.

It also looks really bad


Lying to players is just poor form



I didn’t think you were scummy this game, so I can’t really give constructive criticism.


Which is why I said it would have been up to Eevee whether or not it would have been amended.


Yeah, that’s why many “ehhh” roles passed through.

But some wich made perfectly no sense or were hurtful to game meta itself, like mafia tree stump had to be quietly rerolled.


why me


I really wanted super godfather tbh because of getting Masonized n1

That would have been really fucking funny


Speaking of, I still need to PM you about doing my GI game.

And probably make it 16 players since where tf is everyone




I am trying to recruit people to join the forum for some games