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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness v2.0 - Game ended! Mafia and Survivor wins!




Or rather annoying.

Why would you need mafia role wich is confirmed mafia, but you can’t kill it and it doesn’t count into parity or anything.

It’s literaly only there to disturb town via useless posting and everyone else trying to ignore them.


Solic in Mason chat: I sure hope Marg doesn’t kidnap either me or you tonight

Marg kidnaps Geyde


Actually surprised Geyde immediately bought I was a town role. Not like adding someone to a mason chat has to be AI.


To use wifom


It’s confirmed as maf?


mason chat is different from neighbor chat


Mason = Town


Would be nice


Oh right, I never played with them.


Let’s be honest, tree stump would either be afk and not bother or just spam the thread.
Town would either be mad or just ignore them.

This role is just killing the game. Always.


Not in this.

Mafia Masonizer had an equal chance to roll as Town Masonizer.


When tree stump stumps themself, theirs aligment is revealed, but they can only talk, otherwise they count same as dead person.


I want you to look at what happens when mafia masonizer targets town


That’s completely bastard


Thank you guys for feedback


I was under the impression that their alignment was confirmed. I see.


Lol, no.
Mafia neigbouriser*

Masonry is meant to be masonry.


wait rip it does target that way

That’s bastard


Don’t force reads