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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness - go to the other thread


I was on the right track with Gamer woo


I betray :devil:


Okay, so before we start, can someone post the link to the Role list?


Still not sleeping btw.

/out, not feeling it.


At least I have my bestie.


It’s in OP.



I’ll stay in

@Mercenary regardless, 6 non-town is really crazy



But I also kinda dont want to win n1

So I can kill for fun and then be an awesome person and kill for town


I didn’t have much motivation to play this tbh since I’m exhausted from college and what not, but y’know… at least I wasn’t called scum :confused:


How would they have won n1 lol?


Honestly it hit me on the feels to see Magnus fakeclaiming


Merc ignores my turbo invite


Lol. Technically i was a vigilante.


Their clock starts at 9

They win at 12

Killing a neut is +3


invite me?


unless its doki im already in that


Also @anyone
I can send you the rolecard of any role if you would want it
since the setup is open
Just ask in PMs


Yeh you are lol.


Vig Survivor with three shots on 1 night cooldown starting N3 was too complex to be true