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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness - go to the other thread


Town Little Girl

You are the Little Girl, aligned with the Town! You have the following ability.
The Little Girl will at the beginning of each day passively receive one randomly selected sentence from the previous night’s mafia chat.
Goal: Defeat the Mafia and all neutrals who seek to do you harm

I was this :frowning:


I told you it was a bad read. /shrug


Wait what happened




rip if im mafia next time idk what to do



You are the Survivor, all by yourself.
Goal: Be alive when the game ends.
I was this, obviously.


This and Celeste’s role were my fave to be rolled.


I had to modkill 2 people day 1
so I’m rerolling


Mafia Delayed Vigilante

You are the Delayed Vigilante, aligned with the Mafia! You have the following ability.
The Delayed Vigilante may each night choose a player. When the Delayed Vigilante is killed, all chosen players die as well.
**Goal: Defeat the Town and all neutrals who seek to do you har


yes man mine too


Both Wazza and Maxwell copy pasted their cards, which the hosts deem illegal.


Dangit I misread Hja


man I really wanted to yeet everyone


Apologies for forgetting the rules about copying and pasting my classcard.

I really am.


Funny thing is

I was planning on killing Wazza


Oof, sorry Zone


I knew Margaret was too “helpful” to be town.


You what? I thought we were friends </3


You would’ve won N1, lol


Hey bestie