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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness - go to the other thread


Cause first forum match that wasn’t turbo.


Hey Magnus…

You forgot a little something

All the classes in the game are public

And there isnt a neut like that


That is extremely overcomplicated. The 1 night cooldown, I can understand, but the lack of available usage until N3 is too off, especially with a Survivor wincon


Youre right.


But i have a passive.


but you play tol right?image


idk with that bad of a reaction to a scum check and you’ve played something like this before


Yeah, about 10 games.



I couldnt get him to revoke his claim

So his only possible claim is Moon Wolf

Which definitely isnt… a survive with everyone


In tol scumreads cant be done d1.


All scum will probably bus him now.


oof ;-;


buti have the strongest passive against being voted.


I am sure you do. :eyes:




oof im kinda scared of him now


100000000000 iq fool play?


Smartness 1000



What is your class called then? Exact name?


If we base it off that statement

Hes the Lycan