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[FM] Random Rolemadness Madness - go to the other thread


u claimed that you can shoot 3 people and win with everyone


Margaret if I was a mean person I’d debuff your escape room perks.
But im a nice vigi working with town.


Are you saying you can shoot three players at once or one at a time?




what? that was a joke right?


3 over the course of the game. 1 night cooldown.


I feel bad that the shitty reaction tests actually work sometimes.


Can’t it until n3.


rip magnus



This is how it’s done. :sunglasses:


Really bad role.


But you’ve confirmed a neut.


I really don’t like this. It sounds too out of hand to be true
/vote Magnus


It’s probably based off the vigi from tos.


wait so you are unable to use it until n3 but still have a 1 night cooldown?






Very weak.


but you gave a bad reaction to someone scum checking u


/unvote Margaret