[FM Queue] Queues and Submit thread

problem: i have the thread set to pinned

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once you visit the thread once
it resets to “unpinned”

reject discourse modernity

embrace page tradition

i’ve changed my settings
still doesn’t work

So basically discourse is dumb
Got it :^)

Seconding this. Can you announce new reviewers when you get them, so we can keep this thread up to date. Actually, it seems like we already have new reviewers we don’t know about? Me confused


and while there’s probably a solution buried somehwere in the Options™, I think we should not make people search for what game types actually are

Yeah, but I was dead on N1, and I literally planned to relax and do nothing were I to be spared by Derps.

It’s a D8 Setup type game.

If you think the roles are “Vanilla” (apparently that means “common” nowadays), then it’s Vanilla.

If you think the roles are unique, or if you want to host a bastard game where you might have to lie, then it’s Standard.

this is a thing
It should be VFM

ISO Ici’s last 10-ish posts and check OP.
We need another revolution.

Just a question
Since bastard++ has ended, am I able to open up signups for SFoL 61?

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Dont forget that i pre-inned

amelia are you even accepting preins?

Actually yes I am

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lemme in :angry:

fuck i thought this was cookie thread


So, what are the requirements to host a game? Could I, for example, do it if I followed the steps? Or do I need to have been here for a bit or something?

There are no requirements
I am currently going to host a very mechanical heavy game and if anybody asked me how I’m going to process actions
“How they work in my head”

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