[FM] Paint Your Mafia.. Mafia - Game Thread - (15/15) - Town won

Paint Your Mafia… Mafia

This game is part of 2nd anniversary event.

Game information:

Start date: 29/09
Phases: 48 / 24
Lynch: Plurality deadline
Posting requierments: 10 posts per game day.
Night actions: 1 hour before day start.
Mafia kill: Factional, asigned, nonexclusive.
Feedback: Feedbackless

The win condition of the Town faction is to eliminate every member of the Mafia faction and eliminate all harmful Neutrals, shall they exist.

The win condition of the Mafia faction is to have as many members alive as there are living members of the Town faction and eliminate all harmful Neutrals, shall they exist.

Other wincons might or might not exist.


Majority of both factions consist of “Painters”.

Each painter may each night submit a painting of night action they want to perform. No words / letters can be used on the picture.
Host will try their best to interpret the painting and perform action which they think is on the picture.

However, since being an artist is all about originality, if 2 or more people send picture which will be interpreted as same action. (For example “kill Luxy” and “kill firekitten”), those actions will be canceled out and not work.

Converts and revives are disabled for the purpose of this game.

2nd anniversary:

This game is part of 2nd anniversary event.

Participants will be awarded lottery tickets for 2nd anniversary lottery.
In case of replacements, tickets will be split betwen players up to host discretion.


  1. Alice
  2. Maximus
  3. Geyde
  4. Jake
  5. Sulit
  6. Mercenary
  7. Simon
  8. Icibalus
  9. BlueStorm
  10. SirDerpsALot
  11. PKR
  12. Isaac
  13. Magnus
  14. Nuclear
  15. Maxwell

Day 1 has started.

It will last 48 hours.
Lynch is plurality on deadline.
No lynch is a valid vote.

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thats pretty lit


Hi to you too.

Well, I’m excited and nervous about this game.

do a barrel roll

Can everyone post what they intend to do tonight :wolf:

Depends. We should try and coordinate our paintings, but that gives risk to scum knowing what we are going to do. I was leaning towards nothing a while go because I’d probably cancel out someone else’s action, but I have to think of a few original ideas

I’m able to like once every 5 minutes due to liking the maximum amount.
However I am in agreement with Sulit here.

I have some original ideas.

Wasn’t it going to happen only after some time?

I would tell you then to draw something like poison, bleed, frame, blackmail to cancel scum action

Y’all can do your basic things but I’mma do big brain plays.
If it works that is.
Because honestly this is the game where anything goes and what you draw might not even work.

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Ultimately the better of an artist you are the more easily interpret-able you can make your intent, and thus the more powerful and innovative of actions you can design.

I don’t have any artistic talent so I’m basically gonna be the weirdest JOAT here.
Because what I do probably won’t be what I want to do.

I’m just gonna paint myself getting a victory :wolf:

Is this a neutral painter I see?

either that or he’s attempting to convert himself

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which would fail