[FM] Mountainous 15er (Signups)

I kind of hate mountainous but ill spectate

I refuse

is this an /in


Is this an in?



You have to join if you want to out :upside_down_face:


I’d like to play mountainous

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i have time for a mountainous hopefully

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i’m hoping to get joe in here

Cool! I hope Joe has a good time if they join, have they played before or is this their first time?

yes I got the joke

Arete let’s bully the spectators into joining

At some point I’ll probably send out a massping

There is high chance I get mafia if i join

Just for you, I’ll rand your odds of being town at 80 percent

Thats the chance of getting town for everyone

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In any case, this has been up for about 24 hours, which I think makes it time for a massping

Any of you interested in joining?


at this rate I’m definitely going to hit someone on one of the secret Don’t Ping lists

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