[FM] Marcus' Mountainous - CANNED

If # Welcome, welcome, to another FM Mountainous! :partying_face: :partying_face:

After many rolemadnesses, GI turbos and filthy halfcast games with PRs and citizens, your friendly host Marcus Underscore Doodalee is back to pit brain against brain in the purest forum mafia format known to mankind.

Setup infomation:

Phase lengths are 48/24
Lynches are majority and plurality. No-lynching is not an option. There is a day one lynch.
There are no wills/journals.
Scum have a day/night chat

jk go ahead and use ww theme if you wanna, but you may or may not lose modbias

10 Citizens

3 Mafia



Your weapon is your vote. You have no abilities
You win when all the mafia have been killed


Factional Kill(Night) Each night phase, a single member of the mafia can kill a citizen
You win when all of the members of the town are dead or nothing can prevent this from occuring

Signups Below!

  1. H_Hjasik
  2. HTM
  3. Alice

Game will start around Wednesday/Thursday NZ time depending on how fast this fills.

Wait fuck we could have run marson


is that like updog?

Setup : This is an open setup variant of Mountainous. 12 Vanilla Town, 3 Mafia Goon.

There is no factional kill . Instead, the mafia have access to a factional arson . This differs from a normal arson ability because the mafia will be allowed to douse and ignite a target during the same night phase.

The mafia are allowed 3 ignites total for the duration of the game. They are not allowed to ignite on Night 1.

/spectate if possible

Sure, but it won’t be informed

Literally the greatest game in the history of FM.
Not really but it is a nice meme

you could just invite me to mafia chat

thats like the opposite of not being informed

oh you meant i won’t be informed who mafia is

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please i just want to know

Marcus do a favor to humanity and make marson a thing here

maybe later

[/incoherent swearing]

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12v3 with no factional kill?

I will bringk bac cult in the jungle but gib cult a factional douse and the ability to ignite once over the course of a game

hows that sound?

Factional douse.
It basically says fuck you to village gaining info

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