[FM] Mafia Academy 1 - Mafia Victory



  1. Setup is closed.
  2. Phases are 48/24.
  3. Anticlaim may or may not exist
  4. Lynch is plurality PROXY VOTING - you submit your votes through rolecard. No vote in thread will be counted.
    Rand on ties.
  5. All direct claims “/vote ABC” or “I’m voting ABC” or “I’m voting my highest scumread” are allowed.
    You need to find a way to convince and pressure others without using votes.
    Each time I notice someone claiming theirs vote in some way, something bad will happen.
  6. Mafia factional kill is asigned, non-exclusive.
  7. Mafia wincon is vote parity with town at any moment of game and eliminating all harmful neutrals.
    Yes, vote modifying effects do count into it.
  8. Town wincon is eliminating mafia and harmful neutrals.
  9. Other wincons might or might not exist.
  10. If you have any other quetsions, ask them in rolecard.


  1. Arete & Disquieted
  2. Astand
  3. Simon
  4. Vulgard & Squid

Day 1 start

It will last till modbot locks the thread.

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Snag no u marshal
/vote Marshal


Are you serious. Are you reading?

@Arete @disquieted
@Luxy @Geyde
@Priestess @PokemonKidRyan

@Vulgard @PoisonedSquid
@katze @Firekitten
@JakeTheWolfie @Alice

  1. @MaximusPrime
    Suck it datbird. Game is started. I get to do the NAI ping.

At least I can say rand probably wasnt rigged.


Going to be inactive for the start of today, I have a midterm tomorrow. Also, I’m postcapped, so that’s fun.

also i’ve already 700IQ softed my class

Unfortunately I have to go to sleep now and then will be heavily occupied with school stuff when I get up for an extended period.

My next post will be a good deal later in the day phase, at which point I will post lots of ISO and self meta analysis on people like you know I always do.

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Game just started and folks already lay slank cover, so I will follow suit. I will probably be able to post mostly in the evening about 12ish hours from now.

Lets get down to business

what the fuck is eevee smoking to make these classes. I’m honestly curious. They seem really interesting to say the least.

I wonder if any other townies have PRs like me


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Why the fuck are we talking about prs already.

I don’t think there was even really a randomization because of the restriction I got (I’m not putting it further in details because OP tells me there are anti-claim mechanics, but my posts will make it really explicit). This might sound early-ish but I don’t really believe Marshal would “soft” their class when we have no idea of which kind of claimvig (most likely, since there are no flavors) was put in the thread as scum, so it gives me a small townlean edge over him.
I’ll further analyze the posts tomorrow, but now I should go to sleep. Anyway this game seems interesting and I’m quite curious on how it will turn out.

I definetively agree here but I think it has to do with our playstyles.

Astand is right tbh, but no one has given the initial push for the game to become content :copyright:. So here is my initial push. :wave:

Imagine being a hydra lmao.

what nerds


Okay fluffposting from me from me ends here.

Jake, stop lurk liking and post

oh no, I really did soft my class. But i did it in a way no-one will figure out, and a way in which no one could claimvig me for.

It’s not AI, because i do it as either alignment, but i at least give it anyways for future reference.

It got ambiguous so I must make it clear that “push” was made in the sense of “making things get into movement” rather than the mafia-meaning of push. Siiiiiiiigh I can’t edit posts and now I have to suffer like that because of it. Blame Eevee.

Join me the COOL HYDRALESS GANG :sunglasses:
HYDRAS ARE EVIL :snake: :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Is it normal behavior for Jake to lurk-like stuff?

I think you have some restriction similar to mines. Anyway, we don’t know how the claimvig works and at least if that you did counted then I will already count so pray for our souls and let’s hope I’m wrong.

I mean tbf he had started typing a millisecond before i posted that, so i think he was just liking the post.

But i still want to see content from him