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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


@Twil1ight Is there a law that makes everything flip incorrectly


Oh my god i think I figured it out, theres a second council that decides most of the more negative effects


The last full night, they passed a law that flipped everyone incorrectly


Oh damn… are you saying that Whamm is against us?


Its also possible but rather not do that yet


Ok twilight just essentially confirmed to me that there could potentially be a law that flips people incorrectly


Shes avoiding my question when shes answered other similar questions. Its also possible that theres a reverse council


I also see no reason for the “Social-Democrat” to not prevent the Informant law from passing. Unless they thought they could use it as instaconfirm claim space


A reverse council… I don’t exactly know how that would be possible, but it’s a possibility just like the rest.


A divided council. Town Council and then scum council ez


Ahhh… makes sense


Whamm could be apart of both :woman_shrugging:


As a Neut


Or something… dunno


Oh right… the Neutral is still alive


Nah, they arent


Remember the trashy conductor that everyone didnt believe


Damn, I forgot about that


Trashy was his class, Conductor was his name-o!


Did I appear as occ immune to you again?