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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


I’m obviously this guy’s pet see: (okay I will stop now)

Totally not that owl


She was Queen Victoria but got killed
That person is a reverse trap


:clap: Next time pls say poison bypasses death immunity


otherwise gud game tho
i’m proud


But but marl… doesnt bleeding bypass MM’s immunity? Or Hunters immunity when bearing, etc


Stop taking off points for your salt >:(


Yes but those all say they bypass immunity


I can find a patch note somewhere… ANYWAYS I just got an idea for a FM

A Soulless Surprise
Everyone is a killer! Everyone has souls! Least popular players survive! More popular players get attacked more often! Easy awards :wink:


Also known as Marl dies N1 as important class simulator



Why are you like this


Actually ban hjaisk if he keeps this up



Because there isnt anything against it

And its not his problem that you forget to unwatch a game thread

Cuz if they just mass-lock old threads… you’ll get 100+ notifications


This looks like a great game. Oh well


I beg to differ


Also when did Geyde become a mod


Don’t bump threads

If I ask a genuine question, its not bumping. Hjasik, yes


No clue.

And I dont want to know why


Sure if you ask a question I’m saying to ban hjaisk


Earlier today.