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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


Is this the reason firekitten died so early?




Yes lul…


did you make that ability just to screw with FK? lul


Say no and ur a liar


Oh look i used dark magic and i made it disappear.


For real boi, Marl and Max were close to catch up with your Day 1 posting i made this abillity against people that are contributing and sharing thoughs on chat. You were just unlucky.




Good thing I didn’t kill a democrat


U coulda claimed vig :slight_smile:


“The first part of the story has come to the end. With the beginning of a proper revolution that will in time determine the fate of this dark world. And the heroes and their decision will leave a big mark. This story is far from being over…”


Pls don’t make the monarchists overpowered again


Which one is OP by any chance?


Most of them seem to be confirmable tbh


There is some roles that weren’t revealed and also can fake them if they want. I will think about more alternatives.


And for some reason they almost lost the game just saying. :eyes:


Woah @Twil1ight Thats not the person on the throne!

Im on the throne!


Whamm is merely my assistant for political gain!


“This time it is true, however how long you manage to hold on this throne? Many things can happen suddenly and some day the Grand Finale would seal your fate.”


As permanent Queen :wink: