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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


They don’t know that.


Any of them don’t know that lol. Funny thing was when they were trying to play around Bastard mechanics in non-Bastard Game 4Head.


Also i AGAIN forgot to mention in first poll. The reworks and tweaks would happen regardless what you gonna choose.


You should have used Record.


I did tho


It did not hide immunities.
Rememba Squiddy?


I used it on night 2 I’m pretty sure let me go check


Not night 1 though.


I’m sad I died to posting too much


me too


But yeah, @Twil1ight
fun game. The hidden roles weren’t completely dickishlike a certain other game , and they seemed pretty fun. The council mechanic is pretty cool. A very good game, and I look forward to seeing more of these in the future.


Ja just dont start while im in hell


Plz don’t remind me of the cluster fuck you gave me


Talking about who was MVP this game…

All of you because i love you.



Aw thank you :smiley:


Host ageen :slight_smile:




How did you not think once that I JUST MIGHT have screwed with your results again before I died?


You just lost the space in my heart by becoming Alfa


Nah. I would never said that without crossing it. Typical sarcasm i would say. HYPERLUL
Also mods aren’t replacable.