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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


I had super fun dying N1


how did it last this long


til day 6 I think


As i promised there is some polls for ya:

If this gamemode would ever come back would you like to:

  • Reset the current state the story at start it over game(Including with Reworks/Buffs/Nerfs obviously).
  • Continue this storyline that would include new roles and events.

0 voters

Unknown should be:

  • Unique and special roles regardless of alignment always
  • Typical “Any” (Monarchist/Neutral/Democrat)

0 voters


The council being night immune and being able to occ literally everyone’s stuff was way too OP. Also if htm made whamm vote Celeste out we would’ve won :confused:


I was asleep :frowning:


No excuse

Stay up 24/7


Not quite. You’re forgetting the fact that anyone could be a council member regardless of alignment + If there was a Democrat you would have access to their chat basically.


It’s impossible tho




Btw nerbins made squid have incorrect feedback, which is why he thought psychic was occ imm


Wow, the government saved us by making me kill someone XD


Oh, Twi, why did it show Psychonierik as occ immune when he wasn’t?


Look at Speedsheet and you will know.




lmao I won for once

I should try dying N1 more often


Also i need to say somethin’. If you gonna ever try to accuse host of “lying” about the game mechanics he made i swear to god…


Herself u mean


Whatever. :woman_shrugging:


Give me access to the sheet plz