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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)

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:eyes: but the game is almost over


*AHEM… It’s seems thread opened before the Night phase ended. Until the next annoucment please don’t post here. Thank you!


It’s 4/16, meaning there are 12 slots I could join as :^)


MaximusPrime was found dead in his house this morning. After deeper investigation we find out:

He was the Soldier!

“After the defeat of the opposition, the government announced that spies and traitors were annihilated and would not bother them anymore! However, is it for sure? Only time will show.”

Monarchists won the game!

Before any comments i would like to share my thoughts so please don’t post until then.


It’s seems we manage to end this. I’m not gonna lie it was an interesting experience for me and i glad that i actually started this game. I have ideas for some improvement like some tweak in some roles and overall Democrat Faction.

I will soon post all roles that were in this game incuding some polls that are about this gamemode.

An speedshet is below if you wonder about what kind actions were made. Again thanks for joining and playing. See you probably another time cheer!



So me vs poisonedsquid was town vs town the whole time?


Feels bad that you die to posting too much



Also btw @MaximusPrime I didn’t try to throw, I was asleep


Nothing I could have done

except not sleeping


Was a fun one. My wager with Celeste was a highlight IMO.


Also I was with the NK the whole time until he died


So was HTM “The Conspirator”?
@Twil1ight can we hear that story?


i will post all roles soon buddy give me a sec.


You’re slow as fuck lel


Basically I was working with the NK until I died which is where I turned crazy and became a democrat

And I killed FK because he was the most who talked


All roles cards:


Conductor :hammer:

Neutral Offensive
Night Shift (Passive) - Immune to death and redirection while transporting.
Railling (Night) - Swap 2 players with each other redirecting all toward them - Infinite uses
Survive until Day 6.



Foreman :wrench:

Democrat Support
Employment (Day) - Make one of the Democrat appear as not suspicious tonight. - 2 uses
Impovement (Night) - Choose Democrat. His abillity would guarantee correct feedback. (Bypassing Night/Occupy/Redirection Immunity, Healing etc). - 1 use
Defeat Monarchists and any neutral who try to oppose you.

Special Ones:



Conservative :star:

Monarchist Special
The Senate (Passive) - You can’t be targered by any abillity expect killing. Immune to death once.
Executive Law (Passive) - Every night meet with other counselors and sign a law that give you abillity type.
Everytime there would be choice and you can get them by voting. type. Everytime it would be voted.
Defeat Democrats and any neutral who try to oppose you.



Marxist :shield: :speech_balloon:

Neutral Social
Accomplice (Passive) - Immune to death from Democrats and Anarchist. You know who is the Anarchist
Scattered Request (Day) - Talk with Anarchist tonight - 2 uses
Forged record (Day) - Hide Anarchits visits and immunities tonight. - 3 uses
For the Motherland! (Night) - Kill the player who was posting the most. - 2 uses
Help Anarchist accomplish their goal.

Social Democrat:


Social-Democrat :shield: :speech_balloon:

Democrat Social
Clever Speaker (Passive) - If any of members of the Democrats would be voted by majority, add one more vote to majority count.
Political Pressure (Day) - Force player to vote your target - 2 uses
Blackmail (Day) - Silence the player, the effect will fade away after a person will receive at least half from majority votes. - 2 uses
Submission of the Document (Night) - Prevent Council from signing the law. - 1 use
Defeat the Monarchists and any neutrals who will try to oppose you.


Basically I was this class