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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


You do know there’s a likely chance that Unknown can read what laws are passed, right?


And besides, a citizen nor an informant is occ immune


Neither am I.


Max and I are confirmed already, he redirected someone and NK saw me as a threat but never said I was a killer myself.


/vote Psycho


He “redirected” a democrat. Which means htm could have been covering for him. And also you keep saying im occ immune while Im not, which means your results are fake. In fact, if its true that celeste occupied me last night, did you get any notifications that I was immune celeste?


If Nerbins thought he was a killer, he would have outed me as one :thinking:


*I (I don’t edit)



Since I wont die, I have an idea for tonight if twilight doesnt troll me

Accused Voters Count/Majority
psychoneirik PoisonedSquid 1/3
No Lynch Celeste_Ludenberg 1/3


24 hours left until the end of Day 5!

@Margaret @psychoneirik @PoisonedSquid @MaximusPrime @Whammerist


(:ghost: Hurry the fuck up, guys.:ghost:)


/vote poisonedsquid
I was trying to avoid looking like OMGUS but its pretty obvious poisoned is lying.


Citizen is the easiest class for scum to claim, plus your Passive could allow you to know what law is passed by the Council. You had to change your claim to another class that can also be easily faked.


I was right about Nerbins being occ immune, why would I lie now?


@Margaret is it true you occupied us all last night? If so, did you get a notification saying I was immune?


That ability bypasses occupation immunity, that doesn’t mean shit


WAIT, how do you know it bypasses immunity if you are not part of the council???


He’s the Burgher…

He’s occ imm


And how do they know celeste used an ability that occupied all of us, if celeste never said it?