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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


>Dead talking
>l0l it's fine

>Being a bit frustrated
>Die you scum


Eh, might as well do it, the game’s almost over


48 hours left until the end of Day 5!


I mean… if Whamm or Max aren’t going to vote Psycho, you might as well shoot him


Who are we voting?


Why are we voting him again?

Eh I’ll just wait for Celeste to come on


Errr guess we voting… Maximus

/vote maxi


So you shot Psycho?

Accused Voters Count/Majority
psychoneirik PoisonedSquid 1/3
MaximusPrime Celeste_Ludenberg 1/3


Well what

Squid or psycho has a scum and you vote me >.>




I shot psycho on a different game, no one has been shot yet here


Celeste said she can dayvig someone here


You didn’t think I would see that edit, did you?


Ok so now poisoned not only wants me dead, they want both me and Max dead… So they can kill celeste at night probably?


No pin no edit scrub lol


I don’t want Max dead! I only want you dead, Psycho!


Both Marl, Wham and Celeste confirmed me as town. Why would you want a confirmed town dead?


Quote me when I said I want Max dead


Please explain how you’re confirmed


I knew citizens became a new class before anyone said it, i also knew the class was the informant.