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[FM] London Revolution - Day Six - New Reign (Monarchist have prevailed!)


Read your results from last night


Thats why Im asking you


Tell me what your result is last night and I’ll tell you what happened


So you don’t know then. Hmm…


I do know, but I’m not saying because you’ll play off what I said


Stop avoiding the question and say what happened to you last night, not answering makes you look even more suspicious


@psychoneirik We’re waiting for your answer


Take dat L
Take dat A
Take dat M
Take dat I
Take dat S
Take dat T

What does that spell?


@Twil1ight Am I allowed to spam ping if the person hasn’t said anything?


Btw, @Whammerist and @MaximusPrime , don’t say what happened last night, only Psycho can answer this. If he doesn’t respond, hammer him



Uh ok

No clue what’s going on, kinda lost motivation and the game that cannot be named but is currently ongoing is frustrating ne


I got occupied because Im not immune which means you were lying since the beginning. If you hadn’t occupied me last night I would have been able to prove myself by saying who max visited.


I didn’t occ you though, Celeste occed all of us last night. My immunity got bypassed


I have no idea why it took you so long to answer my question, care to explain?


(:ghost::popcorn: )


gets out vaccum


scuttles away


So i guess you won’t mind if i give you a first and last warning for breaking rules. Next time it would be much less pleasant.





Guys Im thinking whether to give a random player a DayVig but… they get occupied at night forever no matter what… sooo uhhhh