[FM] Hell in a Cell D6 Mafia - SIGNUP THREAD [13/13]





  1. SirDerpsALot
  2. ModeShifter
  3. Ami
  4. Italy
  5. CRichard
  6. oblight
  7. an_gorta_pratai
  8. DybuDabu
  9. astand
  10. wazza
  11. soolit
  12. KyoDaz
  13. Zone_Q11


Peanut Gallery

  1. Jane
  2. DatBird
  3. N.1
  4. Arete
  5. Marshal
  6. Icibalus
  7. Anstreim
  8. Katze
  9. EVO

Rules of the Ring

  1. Follow the Forum™ Mafia™ Rules™ by™ Luxy™ the™ former Moderator™
  2. Try not to tag out of the ring just because your ass is getting kicked.
  3. Have fun! If you don’t then, at King of the Ring, Undertaker tossed Mankind off the top of the cell and onto the announcers’ table during their Hell in a Cell match.
  4. Send actions in your role pm
  5. I will not answer any questions in the main thread. Ask questions in your rolecard.
  6. If you do not maintain a reasonable level of activity, you will be force replaced.

Factions / Mechanics

Faces - the good faction with the wincon of: You’re here to take down all the heels who would dare tarnish OMNIPLEX 2020.
Heels - the evil faction with the wincon of: You’re here to bring back wrestling to what it should be, starting by ruining the faces and OMNIPLEX 2020.

  • Phases are 48/24
  • The factional kill is assigned (can be done alongside other actions, but can be tracked/watched/roleblocked)
  • Scumchat active at all times
  • FLAVOR IS NAI, with all character flavor being wrestlers who have been in at least one hell in a cell match (character flavor will be announced at sog)
  • 200 post per player per day phase maximum, lifted an hour before EoD.
  • Lynch system is majority + plurality.
  • Action resolution system prioritizes scum PRs in instances of direct conflict.
  • Full flips, but no logs
  • Feedback for roleblocks will be given for investigative roles when they normally would receive results on that night but were interrupted (ex Parity Cop will not be informed if roleblocked on n1)

Example Card and all ability descriptions

The Rock

Image of the rock
Face Vanilla

[record of hell in a cell matches]

You have no special abilities.

You’re here to take down all the heels who would dare tarnish OMNIPLEX 2020.

IC: At any point during the day, you may choose to reveal your alignment by doing your signature move. This may only be done once.
Role Oracle: At any time, you may choose a player to reveal the role of (not alignment) when you die.
Role Cop: Each night, you may look up a player’s browser history in order to determine their role (but not alignment).
Tracker: Each night, you may stalk a player to determine who they visit, if anyone.
Parity Cop: Each night, you may choose a target. Their alignment will be compared with the last person you successfully chose (if anyone).
Cop with n0: Each night, you may determine a player’s alignment. You start out knowing [x] is town due to your connections.

Bodyguard: Each night, you may choose a player to protect. If they would have died otherwise, you will die in their place.
Doctor: Each night, you may choose a player to protect from night kills by tagging them out.
Roleblocker: Each night, you may put a player in a hold, preventing them from taking actions for that night.
Jailkeeper: Each night, you may pull a player aside for a brawl, preventing them from taking actions for that night but protecting them from kills

1/2 Shot Vigilante: Once/Twice during the game during the night, you may pull your finisher on a player, killing them.
Vigilante: Each night, you may choose to pull your finisher move on a player, killing them.

Watcher: Each night, you may choose a player to spy on. You will know who visits them, if anyone.

The Setup: READ THIS

Roll a die 6 times and mark down the numbers obtained. The value of the roll corresponds to the type of role used in the game, with more rolls in the same grouping increasing the power of that type of role.

As clarification, amount of rolls for a given role type impacts what role will be in game.
So rolling invest 6 times will result in cop with n0

1-3 rolled = Investigation role
4-5 rolled = Preventative role
6 rolled = Killing role

Number Role
1I Innocent Child
2I Role Oracle
3I Role Cop
4I Tracker
5I Parity Cop
6I Cop w/ N0
Number Role
1P Bodyguard
2P Doctor
3P Roleblocker
4P Jailkeeper
5P Jailkeeper + Bodyguard
6P Roleblocker + Doctor
Number Role
1K 1-shot Vig
2K 2-shot Vig
3K Vigilante
4K Vigilante
5K Vigilante + 1-shot Vig
6K Vigilante + 2-shot Vig

Then I will fill out the rest of the slots with VTs so we get up to 10 town at the start.

Then, roll for mafia roles.
Roll a die (n-1) times, where n is the number of town power roles. Whatever number it lands on, mafia get that role.


Number Role
1 Roleblocker
2 Roleblocker
3 Jailkeeper
4 Role Cop
5 Tracker
6 Watcher

You can get multiple of the same role.
I will then fill out the rest of the mafia with goons until there are 3 mafia

Test Rand 1: 546414

Gives 4 P so Jailkeeper
Gives 1 I so Innocent Child
Gives 1 K so 1-Shot Vigilante

Mafia Rand: 25


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/backup, ping me if signups are not filled

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/backup for now

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/Jim Ross Time
aka being game manager

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Okay so

Do we know what’s rolled or no

/Take my Seat in the Peanut Gallery

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You will not know what is rolled

/Peanut Gallery

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prediction: town will do worse than the best-for-town D6 game I’ve played, but better than the worst-for-town D6 game I’ve played

/backup, also ping me if it’s having a hard time filling

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I’ll find mafia by D2

the joke here is that in the best-for-town D6 game I’ve ever played town won on D2

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This has such a short signup list I don’t want to signup and take it over someone who wants to play more than me

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insert under taker gong here

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force roll me as mankind