[FM] Hell in a Cell D6 Mafia - Informed S-pec-tators

Final Wolf is…

didn’t cheese ask to be informed lul


I told you, nerd.


i’m pretty suprised on that one tbqh

he was pretty detatched from thread

and seemed to not enjoy the game much at all

Also kyo is kill atm

Well I atted him in the other chat. If he leaves, ill add em

what was derps’s general mood in wolfchat

So, that means My PoE was actually good. (Besides believing a fake mechclear.)

And that Dybu will probably think he played well.

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hype at first a bit less now


the misclear came probably because I misinterpreted unenthusiasm from game events as unenthusiasm from randing v


i have totally read the thread
and I know who the scum are

well theres only one left and its derps

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Help, I’m bored.

I got SoD dat

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sweet ty geyde

During that extended break, we since installed overhead lights that can’t be broken by slamming into the announcer’s table.
However, in order to appease our apparent light hating overlords, we will now be turning off the lights routinely when one of the wrestlers is taken out BRUTALLY.

Ladies and Gentlemen, folks at home, people all from around the world. Even in these times of troubles, from either virus breakout or inevitable light busting contrivances, we need to remember the people that are closest to us. We are all people in the end, and we at the WWE support the notion that everyone deserves to be treated equally.
That is why we don’t endorse the actions of any heels. They are total loose cannons.
They also told me to turn off the lights whenever anyone gets taken down or else I’ll get sent to the Shadow Realm.

I hope you’ll understand my predicament.

Also Randy Orton got slammed through a wall in the cell, seemingly pummeled by a chair multiple times, and is currently having difficulties breathing.
ER team will be here in about 3 minutes, but no matter.

Kyo was…

Randy Orton

Face 2-shot Vigilante

The Undertaker v. Randy Orton [L]
Randy Orton v. John Cena © [W]
Randy Orton © v. Sheamus [W]
Randy Orton v. Mark Henry © [L]
Randy Orton v. Daniel Brain [W]
John Cena v. Randy Orton [L]
Jeff Hardy v. Randy Orton [W]

Your moniker of “Legend Killer” is well deserved. You’ve disrespected the best both in and out of the ring, defying the notion that people deserve respect because of their history.
Twice during the game during the night, you may pull your finisher (RKO) on a player, killing them.

You’re here to take down all the heels who would dare tarnish OMNIPLEX 2020.

Majority is 3 as there are 5 players left.