[FM] Hell in a Cell D6 Mafia - FACES WIN! SULIT CHAMPION!

yeah italy is town

they have more than two posts

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Italy is scum 75% of the time so they must be scum now ezpz

Can’t argue with statistics

/dayvig oB_L1ght you’ll take this fact to the grave

This feels pretty hedgy, might be scum

dat is mechanically confirmed neutral

you can’t dayvig me if I dayvig myself!

/ITA Emillia

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i’ll revive you and then dayvig you

what if I rb you from the grave?

who the fuck has the rat pfp

imagine having day roleblock

imagine being allowed to use a day ability as prince

I have day/night immunity and lynch immunity fear me

geyde: 200 posts per day, limit will be lifted one hour before EoD
italy, SDA and light: i will spend half of that posting memes and nobody can stop me


VMMM unlynchable flashabcks

wait what

wait there’s a post limit?


This decision has been the worst decision in the history of decisions.

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