[FM] Hell in a Cell D6 Mafia - FACES WIN! SULIT CHAMPION!


I think we call it “angleshooting”


first one is super angleshooty and I would never use it in a game

second one isn’t? looking into patterns of what people do and don’t like is a valid way to read people

the 2nd one is fine even if it might be a little tinfoily

the first one is angleshooting

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Imagine liking posts

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Good game! Town did a good job. Wolves tried until the end. Great showing from oB_Light especially. I know they were fairly obvious to people like Astand, but they had WiM and tried, and that’s important!

Astand obviously did a great job and led town correctly throughout the earlygame and midgame, making himself obvious town in the process. After he died, sulit sealed the deal.

Good Vig shots, good cooperation in general. Nice job, guys.

And once again Derps deepwolfs to LyLo. This guy should be shot by vigs more often.



Also, great flavor. Made the game so much more fun to watch.

And finally, let us not forget who ACTUALLY carried the game and should be town MVP. Wait for it…



Oh yeah! @sulit You handled LyLo very well. I don’t envy your position, because I know that being the accepted villager in LyLo is beyond stressful, but in the end, it worked out. And even if it didn’t work out, I would still be proud of you for taking so much time to evaluate from multiple angles.


sulit traded part of their sanity and humanity to win this game


also i knew that ami would have died in the rand because of my amazing prediction skills
i decided ami was 1 and had google pick a number between 1-3

Who was the vig shot N1 again?

the sudden realization that i was right :eyes:


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Carried the mafia to final 3 more like.

Hey astand, you finally randed town here and won!!

Had Astand never won a town game here?

Tbh, town doesn’t win that often here.

The win here was pretty much because of a miracle.

…and Dybu Dabu.


For the past ~6 months at least, whenever astand played here, he either randed scum (and won) or randed town (and lost). He’s desired to win as town for so long…

These two things are not mutually exclusive.

fuck I was gonna say that

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13 months.

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