I am so supremely confident in my abilities, and so thunderously calm + relaxed, that I will make a single irrelevant post at SOD then peace out for hours on end. I won’t do anything villagery, I won’t make any reads, I’ll make 49 shitposts over the next 40 hours, then once EOD rolls around I’ll make an unspecified number of additional shitposts. No cogent thought will escape these handsome lips. I will be illogical, haphazard, superfluous, inessential, pointless, redundant, uncalled for, unwarranted, unjustified, and gratuitous. The effen theorem will catch me with my pants betwixt my ankles. I’ll vote off-wagon, talk about random nonsense, and make inappropriate japes concerning my relation to wolfchat. I am preemptively declaring any responses to this post “fair enough”. I’ll complain about a lack of WIM, the cause of which is nebuluous, obscure, and entirely insufficient. I will fabricate excuses and pretend I am busy to avoid posting in this thread, when in fact I will be watching cartoons and eating cheeto puffs in my underwear. More specifically, black boxer-briefs. You can’t stop me. You can’t mislynch me. You’re powerless. I laugh in your face. I’m a villager, therefore I can do whatever the fuck I want. Go cry in wolfchat, you big baby. While you’re poring over the thread, searching for any clue at all to help you in the seer hunt, know that I am still watching those cartoons and eating those cheeto puffs, nary a care in the world. My armpits are bone dry. I’m a villager, what are you going to do about it? Nothing; you will do nothing about it, because that’s all you can do. Ligma. What’s ligma? Ligma balls.

/vote no execute

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lets all waste our posts in the first 12h and use the last 36h for nothing

anyway, anyone who trueclaims flavor is lockscum


i’ll exist once the need arises
for now
i shall observe

Wait there’s a post cap this is the bane of my existence as someone who cannot shut the frick up

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/vote katmarshal

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I have a new and exciting RQS question

if you are a hydra team, what (without quoting obviously) did you discuss with your hydra partner while you were waiting for the game to start?

Orange likely won’t be around a lot D1, he’s busy.

Which means I get the 150 posts to myself. :^)

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Nothing, literally

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Not much.

I made a bet with Geyde that I could post using grammatically correct sentences the whole game.

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we said meow to each other about 10 times

talked about FPSes

looked for copypastas

and I made a few cursed images team logos

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me and myself discussed who in each hydra im actually going to try to read


the odds I actually go through with this is low but i did look at this

i talked about how much I adore you my fair Romeo

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I’m actually curious why you chose each person as your Person To Try To Read

like some of them seem backwards, like most people think Ami is more readable than I am, no one can read katze, etc.

Bold decisions.

Wanna pretend we’re a hydra?

Anywho, I don’t like marshalkat, their entrance seems too preplanned, if that makes sense?

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I for one have a perfect soulread on kat this game

bich we have been waiting forever my first 20 posts are preplanned

i mean
hydra chats are a thing

He made that abomination of a fucking joycrab.

And since then I’ve tried to avoid conversing with him because I am scared of what he’ll make next.

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may spontaneously tunnel you but until then honorary hydra

I cannot try to read marshal, kat i think i can do better

I dont actually know how to read ami - might try for tone later, while I know you do agenda

I dont know hwo to read SDA, while ive read gorta correctly more often

wazza has a strong scumgame and thats all I know about how to read these two(and convoluted posts from dat)

Dont know enough from either sulit/orange but cent/mode are both kinda easy


our logo

its wonderful

it embodies us

and art