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FM-French Revoultion (6 Alive)


neutral hater i will get RNGesus to obliterate you


If you vote night it’s oak


But we will vote y if not


who is the last guy alive


is MtheJoker dead?


is Pug dead?


was that a typo…? xd im bad at this

also there’s no assembly member cc so u might be scum trying to get attention off of you


We have a plan

Vote night or die today


No you are confirmed assembly member don’t worry we will never hang you.


Pug is alive


already voted him lmao :roll_eyes:


**cough dont worry u ded-88


My kill goes through first so maximum will win with us actually. And what happened to you being Napoleon killing me?


Your kill doesnt go first Hippo, mine does


kill the confirmed neutral :frowning:


So Celeste if your actually napoleon you wouldn’t care about voting night


Don’t worry you won’t die bud.


My kill prevents celestes kill so she won’t have the chance to kill you.


Seriously though I wanna ping someone but I dunno who’s alive.


@Pug r u alive?