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FM-French Revoultion (6 Alive)


Didn’t he die?


The only way scum can win is if they lynch napoleon today. This is why they both need to lynch me. I on the other hand do not need to lynch Celeste_Ludenberg as I will just kill her.


So who is it safe to vote?


I don’t care. Ideally night but anyone apart from me and celeste makes sense from a town-perspective.


So your a monarchist who wants napoleon to kill you so you can win?


/vote Hippo #2


That wouldn’t work ethier


Napoleon kills go before your kill
Meaning that if your a monarchist you can’t kill if she shots you


No im fucking napoleon for fuck sake


Meaning you can’t attack if your dead


Si better say your still napoleon cause you won’t get that kill


This is a great plan


No, they can attack, they are just overriden by Louis.


Napoleon kills first

If you are dead I don’t remeber you being able to shoot


I am guessing that works that way or I am just guessing wrong

@Kai_5 confirm?



if you can’t understand that then I have no words fire


I know this

So who we hanging?


Just saying

Anyone claiming napoleon should rethink the idea of claiming it.


Apart from fire (town) me (nap) celeste (scum) night (scum) there is a town and a neutral. Who are the last 2 alive?


No clue


:ok_hand: well I cba to read up. if you are still alive and not one of us 4, I know you are town/neutral. Please vote night with me and fire if you are the town, and if you are the neutral we don’t wanna have to hang you so please vote with town.