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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


Because I’m always sus in every game I’m in


Yay I win


Watch your back punk :hocho:


I placed a bomb on Moleland so yeah


But originally I wanted to betray because I thought it’d be fun.

Didn’t expect a win


tfw you get the town read to win the event but it turns him into a neutral killer


Bastard Game is Bastard




We lynched so many scum and town still lost, lol


We even nightlynched pug but it doesn’t count I guess

I mean, considering Pug was converted to an NK, and half the town got poisoned for no apparent reason, I’d say we did fairly well.


town was just super bad at itas. Town only killed other town with them and it happened like 6 times.


My fav part of this

Lynching liv with only 1 vote


Maximus, Icibalus, Shurian, Dama, Frost, Nerbins and Poisoned Squid ALL got ITA’d and died and were ALL TOWN. The only scum to die to an ITA was Whammer D1.


I’m glad I won.

surprised I wasn’t voted up for not linking anyone

except Dama n1


I wanted to be a class. :-:


It wasn’t a nightlynch.
It was a reccomendation to Shurian who they should lynch :wink:


all of the last event rewards were the 3 lifelines from “So you want to be a millionaire” lel



Ok then


You troll


Worth it