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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


oh shit i just realised that because I love itas firekitten got me and thus itas happened and thus town lost due ot absrud hitrate

once again everything was my fault


You occupied the confirmed town


Well you did get asked what you must do, you gain no info on people you killed if that’s townie now was it? At least at first turn.

Hippo is screaming at everyone to kill people that aren’t poisoned and act like that people that didn’t join 6-player event are bound to be scum, which is half true.

But I would be suspicious of him that’s confirmed by Moleland.


he wasn’t town tho



You had your scum on your sights, homie.


Shuri blocked a neutral evil who had acted suspicous.


I went back to the game and was like
“Fuck. What game is this.”
“Pug quick hammered. Ah.”
Some reason goes to occupy Hippo


ah shit he did quickhammer didn’t he. I assumed that was him just being pug.


I was gonna lynch pug btw Hippo


even if I had hung pug I think I’d have lost as mole had one time immunity and prolly a double vote


did you have a double vote?


No, I failed my last 2 rolls - after passing the first 3


aw man that sucks.

I feel like I did the most logical thing. I had no way to know pug had been converted into a neutral evil by a fucking event lol.


The dead did also tell me to eat Puggo up.

I should have known.


I got the message too late tho


it’s okay in icis game well all just insta ita pug for vengeance


B A S T A R D - G A M E S - A R E - F U N


Ah so that could have happened to anyone really.


So there never was a me card, well that leaves room for experimentation


Hey, why did you guys shot my alfa?