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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


I won the poison from an event actually


Exactly, why Moleland hasn’t continued to push you is…wow

Moleland you dun fuck it up.


“This is sound logic”


Moleland called me neutral in his rap on me D2


So it was clear.


Well, I figured out :relieved:


honestly frost you’re a good scumreader with a generally scummy tone which holds you back
if you get confirmed as town as scum I’d be pretty scared


that is, if I were scum while you were confirmed town I’d be pretty scared


p much. atm you are just too easy to ml.


Wasn’t exactly scumreading, but mechanically confirmed that Hippo was bad guy this whole time. Moleland, man. He used the spotlight and then turned it off for me.

My weaknesses is stacks and prevents on me.


embrace the rng


Yeah. I messed up because I had no idea who to occ.


> Dosen’t know who to occ
> Occ’s confirmed town



Joking, we all love you Shuri :heart:


I even put the people together who I trust, I am the one that got my wish granted so why aren’t they trusting me ever after that?

What are you people doing? That clown called NozBugz forgot what I even wished for.


All it takes is one ping to convince Noz.

Pings are cancer I tell you.


looks at clock to see how long this has been going on for


tfw nozbugz is basically solely responsible for town losing
firstly he vigs the DEFINITELY best townpl yaetr with ITAs
then he forgets his uber-confirmable role’s actions and gets mislynched with a claim that should be a lock clear


True, true.

And they blame the person holding the gun, that should have been the guy that gives the person a gun.


Hey! It’s not my fault they shot everyone. I just gave them the gun. I didn’t tell them to.