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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


How Moleland hasn’t pushed you is how we did lose.

But that’s my opinion at least.


What abilities did you claim I missed it


I lost too :sob:


Coming this summer. Featuring unique mechanics, flavor-heavy abilties and roles and a heavy focus on the ITA mechanic, with more roles interacting with it!


Yeah, if we did push for you while you murder people with ITA that’s doing your dirty work, town may have won :thinking:


And significantly less bastard than this game!


I never had to hard claim. I was gonna say I had a passive called NotScumIPromise making me immune to something once (depending on what happened). I had an ability called notnyrealname and The Power of Roblox too.


It’s a minecraft profile pic :thinking:


I mean, if we use our heads - it doesn’t need to be less bastard.


that’s Roblox




I can’t tell the difference if it is


I dunno I haven’t played either lol


as an official edgy teenager™ I can tell you that his avatar is a minecraft one


guess it’s lucky I never had to claim it then lol


Well it didn’t matter if you have claimed or not, you crossed the line but hey, enough people turn into blind eye.


Thing is you turned up outta nowhere after lurking and only accused me. I’m not surprised they didn’t listen.


I would have crossed mine when I somehow won 15% ITA chance on Shurian and wished for her revival would be enough to atone my sins.

@Hippolytus It wasn’t lurking or out of nowhere, Moleland had evidence stacked against you.


We lost by inactivity.


It has to be simple to conclude that, if you poisoned Parfait - you would happen to have poison immunity too.

But apparently Moleland distanced with you after that, but my intuition is never wrong.