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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


I mean, that subtle hint you weren’t dead immediately by ‘explosion’ though.


he was ded then tho


@Kai_5 you dun goofed, big boi. :thinking:


I said during event that dead people can win too.


This is the end? Well i have fun while watching.

Maybe it wasn’t like the best game i ever saw unless we’re talking from meme perspective.

Regardless when there is gonna be another wild rollercoster? Because that was a good shit. :mantelpiece_clock:


There is still one event pending.

Hippolytus dancing to Renai Circulation.

If he posts the vid of him doing so, he will win along the Pug. :’)


I shouldn’t have told fire to vig sam. I should have let him misshoot cuz then we could have lynched sam instead of pkr.


starts girnning


I had a feeling you will be immune to poison the moment Moleland said you visited and poisoned parfait.

This is just incompetence and what’s worse is the goddamn pings.


The pings make people stupid.


Kinda shame that NK team didn’t manage to win. In my heart every neut is the winner of this game.


At least I am happy for Pug, Hippo didn’t deserve it in my opinion.


We didn’t actually have a wincon on our card so we did really win ')


Kinda shame that connect 4 didn’t target person occupied.

I wish I had to send 4 occupation messages.

And 4 “You occupied your target succesfuly”



I can’t believe this whole game took less than 2 weeks. What a wild ride.


grin widens

so you guys like RNG-heavy deathfest rolemadness games with absurd mechanics eh?


Can I see this fakeclaim card


it wasn’t a card I claimed Simon and made up my card




They just basicly knew this name swere not in the game, since when PKR died it was obvious “Wolfy” is other NK.

And mafia needed it for tailor.

And NE needed it to stay hidden from “Alfa”