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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


right except my role added ITAs to the game and fucked absoloutely everything up in the game


eevee awards

Small tank for missing all shots it made. Again.

Boats for poisoning 6 people at once.

Bomb for exploding and winning the game.


yet the NK cards, in my opinion, were objectively the weakest


We just had a basic kill. We only night killed Simon in the entire game.


They really were the weakest. I was saying it few times during the game.

Theirs main advantage was survivability, aka immunity from death and poison.


boats was a G O O D I D E A


And Shurian!


oh yeah


Im dissapointed
I was demoted to a mere quote


It was trap for Hippo, but no one paid attention to it.

He survived with that poison immune and was caught visiting Parfait by Moleland, but nooooo.

Nooo nooo and nooooooo. They all forgot about it, talk about mind wipe and conspiracies.


But Hippo, how many times you was meant to die but survived?


fire healed me anyway actually lol


No I didn’t




when in doubt the event is actually boats


Actualy Maximus won this event, lel



I mostly lied about a lot of stuff and started ita


No one actually won in boats.


no, i won boats


Maximus won the “Overwatch is about teamplay” event tho.